Michigan's university cluster, a catalyst fueling our economy through R&D and talent
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K-12 Brief: URC Produces Qualified Teachers, Innovative Programs
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2019 Benchmark Report: URC Tops in Medicine, Bio Science Talent
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URC 11th Annual Economic Impact Report: $18.7b in Michigan
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Foundation for the Future: URC Contributions to Infrastructure Improvement
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Empowering Michigan: The 11th Annual Benchmark Report
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Leading Discovery:
Life, Medical & Health Sciences - Learn More
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Engaging Detroit
URC Contributes $958 Million and 11,600 Jobs in City of Detroit - Learn More
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'Michigan's Blue Economy'
One in five Michigan jobs is tied to having good and plentiful water - Learn More
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Entrepreneurship Report
One in five URC alumni have started a business, and in many cases more than one - Learn More
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The URC accounts for 94% of federally funded academic R&D in Michigan Learn More
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Innovation Power Ranking:
URC Ranks Third Among Top Clusters Learn More
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The URC Contributed $18.7 Billion to Michigan’s Economy in 2017 Learn More
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Michigan's URC has a global network of 1.2 million alumni Learn More
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URC universities have cultivated 230 startup companies since 2002 Learn More
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Competing for Mobility
URC institutions are competitive with each other in a number of areas (not least of which includes sports). As partners, however, these institutions are fiercely competitive with the nation's top university clusters in key industries like mobility. Future-shaping mobility innovation developed at these institutions was showcased at AutoMobili-D and is on display at the NAIAS as part of the PlanetM exhibit. Learn More
The Focus: HOPE Urban Leadership and Learning Collaborative
This Collaborative is a partnership between the three URC universities, HOPE Village and Focus: Hope. They bring together local knowledge and university resources to create innovative solutions to community challenges. Learn More
URC & Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM)
BLM is a business roundtable of executives from Michigan's largest job providers and universities, including the URC institutions. BLM and the URC have been partners for many years, supporting and promoting efforts to make Michigan a "Top Ten" state for business and talent. Learn More
The Infrastructure Network for Water, or IN-Water, is a URC collaborative project focused on water infrastructure. It is a pilot to a larger interest in developing a national infrastructure network focused on multiple urban infrastructure systems. Learn More
Michigan's Alzheimer's Disease Core Center
A statewide center that supports researchers and clinicians from the URC to enhance the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Learn More
Michigan Sea Grant
A joint program of U-M and MSU, Michigan Sea Grant is part of a network of 30 university-based programs in coastal states across the country. Learn More
Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN)
The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN) is a statewide university network designed to create partnerships that will connect Michigan's corporations to critical university assets to help promote innovative research and grow Michigan's economy. Learn More
Accelerate Michigan
By uniting research universities and business leaders, Accelerate Michigan℠ aims to place Michigan among the “Top Ten” states for accelerating economic transformation and cultivating entrepreneurism based on mutually beneficial values, investments and activities. Learn More