Michigan has a strong track record of bioscience discovery and contributions to the health and welfare of humankind. They stem from a rich legacy of collaborative research, innovation and manufacturing in industry sectors that have developed products for the betterment of lives around the world. University research partnership advances include the discovery of Cisplatin for chemotherapy at MSU, discovery of AZT for HIV/ADS treatment at Wayne State University and the discovery of Lipitor at Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals in Ann Arbor.

Broad industry sub-sector representation includes pharmaceuticals and therapeutics (human and animal health, generics and OTCs), medical devices, diagnostics, research tools, informatics (healthcare and bio-informatics), nutritional health (nutriceuticals), clinical research, industrial biotechnology, and bio-fuels and bio-agriculture.

This partnership has supports collaborative activities across the URC and industry, particularly in the area of drug discovery.