Life is not what we knew it to be just a few weeks ago. From workplaces and classrooms to downtowns and hospital systems, everything and everyone has been touched by the world’s great effort to fight a global pandemic.

People, communities and industries are coming together to do their part to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus contagion. Our three URC universities – Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Wayne State University – have taken drastic measures to ensure students, faculty and staff are safe. They have mobilized their collective expertise and resources in the race to conduct lifesaving COVID-19 research and respond to critical health, education and industry needs in Michigan.

This eNews edition highlights promising recent work by the URC universities. We receive new information every day, and share it via social media and on our website. Connect with us to get the latest updates.

We applaud the URC community and partners in Michigan and around the world who are doing their utmost to stem the pandemic. Thank you.

For more information, visit the URC’s Coronavirus Response page HERE.