The University Research Corridor (URC) is one of the nation’s top academic research clusters, an alliance between: Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. The URC aligns three unique universities—a national leader in R&D, the nation’s premier land grant college, and one of the nation’s premier urban-serving research universities.

The purpose of this alliance is to accelerate economic development in Michigan by educating students, attracting talented workers to Michigan, supporting innovation, and encouraging the transfer of technology to the private sector. As a result, the URC universities are the leading engine for innovation in Michigan and the Great Lakes region as a whole.

The URC’s economic impact reaches every Michigan county and totals more than $20 billion annually. Accounting for $2.6 billion and 91% of academic R&D in the state, the URC propels Michigan into the top 10 across the U.S. Recognizing their integral role in Michigan’s educational attainment, economic development, and talent retention, the URC has committed to benchmarking performance using robust metrics and comparing their results to those from the best research university research clusters in the nation.

This analysis provides the information necessary for Michigan to compete for talent, federal R&D funding, and the development of technical innovations in industries ranging from agriculture to high-tech manufacturing.