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K-12 Education Brief

Due in June 2019, the following summary shares key insights found in the brief.

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The University Research Corridor (URC) plays a critical role in improving K-12 education in Michigan by:

  • Supporting state and local education policymakers’ needs
  • Identifying, disseminating, and scaling techniques and methods that research and practice show lead to improved outcomes
  • Developing numerous pathways for all Michigan children to learn and succeed
  • Fostering passionate and prepared teachers and researchers

The URC supports state and local education policymakers’ programs, such as:

  • The Michigan Education Research Institute (MERI), a partnership between U-M and MSU to manage state education data and provide university-based research focused on answering our most pressing education policy questions.
  • LaunchMI, a partnership of business, education, labor, philanthropy, and civic leaders, and parents who care deeply about education and our state’s collective future, dedicated to building a shared agenda that will improve K12 education. The URC is working with LaunchMI to help it reach its goals.

URC By the Numbers (2013-2017)

  • $250 million in K-12 education-related research, services and outreach
  • 1,685 education-related programs, projects, activities

The URC opens doors to a more diverse talent pool. From 2008 to 2017, URC institutions saw a:

  • 23 percent increase in the number of students of color graduating
  • 48 percent increase in the share of college of education bachelor’s degree recipients who are students of color

The URC identifies, disseminates, and scales the techniques and methods that research and practice show lead to improved outcomes by:

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