Global Impact

Darys Estrella


Position: Vice President of Corporate Sustainability
Company: VICINI
 Global financial leader operating in Latin America
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Attended: University of Michigan
Degree: MBA (2002) Ross School of Business

Darys Estrella (’02 U-M) has thrived as a financial leader on a global stage, recognized for her leadership, achievements, and civic contributions. Currently she is the Vice President of Corporate Sustainability for VICINI, an Asset Management firm focused on the NOLA region (north of Latin America except Mexico). To Estrella, leadership is not just about reaching the pinnacle of a prestigious financial institution, but to make sure other talented young people are included in that opportunity as well. From her 2011 commencement address to Ross School of Business graduates at the University of Michigan, Estrella said, “Leadership talent is the currency that will drive economic growth.” As a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum, Estrella leads dialogues on gender parity issues with Fortune 500 leaders worldwide. Her leadership, shaped by her principles of social consciousness and responsibility, has made a significant impact on communities and countries not only across Latin America, but the world.


“My success is an outgrowth of passion and hard work, but to earn the status that goes along with it is meaningless without passing that opportunity on to the next generation, making inclusion on the basis of merit the top criteria for opportunity and advancement, regardless of gender, nationality, or origin of economic status. That is the legacy that gives meaning to my success.”

Estrella was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. After emigrating to the U.S. after high school, she quickly learned English and graduated from Vassar College, where she now serves as the first Latina alumna trustee. Estrella began her career on Wall Street, where she would spend a total of 15 years working in fixed-income at Deltec Asset Management and Goldman Sachs, becoming a VP at both firms. Along the way, Estrella took a two-year break and moved her family to Michigan to earn an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. It was a decision that may have seemed costly at the time, but has served her well in her career, and in turn has had a ripple effect to other people, communities, and nations.

In 2007, Estrella moved with her husband and three children from NYC to her native Dominican Republic to serve as CEO of the Bolsa de Valores, the Dominican capital markets exchange. She was the first woman CEO of an exchange in Latin America. In this role, Estrella was responsible for creating a new investment culture in a country rapidly changing. Her experience in the U.S. acculturated her to American expectations, behaviors and practices, and her education at the University of Michigan taught her how to succeed with not only critical content knowledge, but also strong social principles, and work-life balance.


“In the DR, I appreciate even more how top institutions like U-M push the envelope for best practices and stay on the cutting edge of innovation and global talent development. U-M is making its presence felt in the world.”


Photo courtesy of the Estrella and Wilson Family: Darys Estrella (left) pictured with her family (from left to right) – daughter Maya, husband Andrew Wilson, and sons Javier and Yan Diego.