URC Profile

Medes Ma

Title: Co-Founder
 Stonewood Properties Investors, Diversion Pictures
Year started: 2002
Industry: Real estate investment, architectural and graphic design, film production
Offices: Hong Kong, China; Monterey Park, Calif.
Activity: Co-founding a variety of businesses to revitalize businesses, produce films
Attended: University of Michigan
Degree: B.S.E., Electrical Engineering; M.S.E., Industrial and Operations Engineering
Company websites: Stonewoodpi.comDiversionpictures.com

“My skills in problem solving, logical and critical thinking and people skills all came from Michigan Engineering.”

maAs the co-founder of two companies, Stonewood Properties Investors and Diversion Pictures, Medes Ma has been engaged in diverse businesses, including real estate investment, building professional services, architectural and graphic design and film productions. Stonewood has reshaped and revitalized properties in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. It also marketed properties such as Ritz-Carlton at L.A. Live, which it did when the company was only a year old.

When asked why Stonewood stands out from its competitors, Medes points to timing, luck, knowledge of the marketplace—and most important, his experience in the University of Michigan’s engineering program.

Medes had a lot to learn as an international student in his first year at Michigan in terms of language and culture. He loved his time at Ann Arbor and has continued to contribute to his alma mater, sharing his experiences with young alumni as a speaker at Michigan Worldwide Day in Hong Kong and visiting Ann Arbor again in 2012.

Medes also has started a business with his U-M roommate, Stephen Fung, an art school student who returned to Hong Kong and became a film director. Their first debut, Taichi Zero, was an official selection for the Venice Film Festival 2012 and Toronto Film Festival 2012. It also received positive reviews in North America.

Photo credit: Penny Lau aka Penpentoy