Global Impact

Nanua Singh


Position: Professor Emeritus
Organization: Wayne State University
Impact: Multinational Employer

Nanua Singh, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus in Wayne State University’s College of Engineering. After a 20-year career as a professor of industrial engineering at Wayne State, Singh retired from his full-time faculty position in 2012 to focus on running three international companies he founded while at WSU.

With offices in Troy, Madison Heights, Hartford, Connecticut, and Bangalore, India, Singh heads multinational companies, including Acculogix (link to:, QRD Corp. and RGBSI (link to: — all specializing in engineering services and software development. All three companies work with the aerospace, automotive, locomotive, manufacturing and medical industries.

Acculogix handles a variety of engineering and global human resource services, while QRD Corp. works as an engineering and management firm. RGBSI’s services include staffing and recruiting, contract and direct hire, product development and CAD, reverse engineering services, and software development, among others.

RGBSI works closely with Wayne State to employ recent graduates and current students in Michigan, as well as Bangalore, India. Over the years, Singh has hired more than 20 WSU graduates. For the Bangalore office, RGBSI is currently in the process of hiring a WSU student who recently graduated and moved to India.

Singh credits the research environment at Wayne State for changing the way he thinks and giving him the framework to put theory to practice. Today his companies employ more than 600 people nationwide and 150 in Michigan.