Exceptional Educators

Raymond Muscat


Talent: Uniting Education and Industry
Education Position: Industry Director, Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan
Industry Position: Principal, Muscat, LLC
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Program Website: www.tauber.umich.edu

“I see manufacturing as an amazing intersection of technology, scientific knowledge and people to create value. The ability to create value streams and do very, very positive things for people, create jobs—to me, that’s wonderful.”

Over the course of his career, Ray Muscat has created value for the Automotive, Defense Electronics, Aerospace, and Office Furniture industries. His experience includes engineering, manufacturing, program management, mergers and acquisitions, global manufacturing strategy development and execution, and the implementation of the Toyota Production System/Lean Manufacturing principles.

Muscat recently joined the U-M Tauber Institute for Global Operations as Industry Director. A joint venture between the U-M Ross School of Business and the College of Engineering, the Tauber Institute facilitates cross-disciplinary education in global operations management by working with industry partners. Fourteen-week team projects that challenge students to apply their knowledge to the real world form the cornerstone of the Tauber Institute experience. Engineering and business students work together on-site at sponsoring companies around the world to solve substantive operations problems. Last year, students saved their sponsors an average of $14.3 million each, making improvements in areas such as energy consumption, throughput time, supply chain, and emissions reduction.

“The projects themselves are fast-paced, very technical, very well supported – each team has a faculty advisor from the engineering school, and from the Ross School of Business, committed to supporting the team. That’s an important element: if you hire a project team of two or three students, you’re not only getting two or three students but you’re also getting two or three professors that are working with them.”

In 2015, the Tauber Institute sent students to 35 projects at 23 sponsor companies, in locations as near as Livonia, Michigan, and as far-flung as Malaysia. In the years ahead, Muscat plans to nurture future operations talent by forging even stronger connections between education and industry.

“My dad was a steel trades-worker at Ford Motor Company for 35 years. I’ve always been near or close to manufacturing. As I went through my education at U of M and beyond, I’ve always tried to have one leg in engineering and one leg in manufacturing. That’s the way I’ve conducted my career. The Tauber Institute felt really natural to me as a way to give back.”

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